Ground Effect phenomenon and its various potentials have been discovered long time ago. However, it is not as easy as it seems to utilize its phenomenon and unlock its potentials. As time has shown, such undertakings would take so much time, courage, determination and lots of failures.
That’s why at AFD we never give up and always strive to provide our customers with our products by utilizing the best technique and technology.

The driving force behind AFD is the people who just love their jobs. We are of many professions who have a single common believe; ground effect craft will create a new market in marine transportation. Our teams efforts have enable AFD to develop its advanced ground effect crafts through the various applications of new technologies.

For a start and for each idea, we build and test a scale model. This is a step that is so important that it would not be missed as it will provide us with solid knowledge and give us so much information for the next step. Accordingly, our ground effect crafts started with scale models which were built with wood or composite. Various configurations were tested until we get to the present form which provides the best balance. We used all known methods of testing which include wind tunnel testing, water tank testing, circular flight testing and full scale testing. Important systems are also built and tested. Examples of such systems are the propulsion system, the air cushion and the cockpit.

We also build prototype to integrate all the various systems to test the crafts as a whole. The solid knowledge and understanding gained from these models help us to build the computer models and planned for the better crafts. The computer models would be used to validate our knowledge and understanding, perform various tests and improve on the design. Some other the well known technologies that we use are Computer Aided Design (CAD), composite structures, the patented Direct Height Control system and the patented Hoverwing system.